but first, let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Alethia! Recently returned to the west coast after a 12-year stint in Boston. Oh in-n-out California, how I have missed you.

I’m short and sassy and not above climbing on counters to reach things. I drink a concerning amount of tea (genmai cha - try it now, thank me later) and have yet to find the discipline to walk past a Trader Joe's without adding to my plant collection. Relatedly, I firmly believe in naming your plants. (Lemony Snicket, Jr., my lemon tree, says hi)

…and I would LOVE to be your photographer! I’ve been shooting weddings since 2015 but got my start in photography much earlier - doing field & excavation photos on archaeological digs in Israel. After a few years in the world of artifacts, I realized I liked it better when my subjects were able to actually talk back - so I moved into the world of humans. From weddings to families to lifestyle work, I love pouring my heart and creative soul into every photo that I take.

So have a look around, and if you like what you see, say hi!